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Dropbox Network Server

Executive Summary

This article is written to explain how we are able to prevent installing Dropbox on individual user workstations.

We have implemented a singe corporate Dropbox account. The Dropbox profile is kept secured to IT administration only. Any partner simply shares their Dropbox folder with us or we create a folder to share with a specific organization.

Users access the files on the local corporate network as they would any other document. Because it is a shared folder, access can be limited by network (Active Directory) security rights within your organization.

Technical Summary

Assumes a Windows network or Samba Share and users accessing those network share resources.

  • This solution does not handle all possible use cases. It may not work in your situation.
  • Dropbox also warns against a similar method here: . However, because we are syncing the files directly on the local system, the file-system change event is triggered.

Network Shares are created and appropriate security applied.
Server setup was accomplished using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  • create dropbox profile
  • install dropbox client
  • add systemd job to start client on boot
  • create any folders (using the dropbox web Client or on command line → /home/dropbox/Dropbox/NewFolderToShare) Each folder can associate with a different business partner.
  • mount network share(s) to local /mnt/sharenamehere folder(s).
  • install unison and configure (for 2-way sync)
  • add cron job to run unison sync (every 1 minute is the fastest cron will go - seems to work for us).
  • make sure the “Delete File” right is set appropriately. If you delete it from the Network share, it will disappear from Dropbox within 1 minute (+/-).

Technical Details

Coming Soon.


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