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Installing Zenbership on Ubuntu 16.04

Quick install notes. Details may not be fully included.

Dependencies: Assumes these are installed.

  • Apache 2.0
  • php5
  • libapache2-mod-php5
  • mysql-server

Install steps:

  • Clone or download latest release. (I started with a cloned git repository.)
  • Create new schema in mysql for your database.
  • Copy files to new apache web directory
  • Configure apache site for new web directory
  • point DNS to my new members subdomain.
  • Visit http:/ /<mysite> with browser. (shows a blank white screen)
  • Go to http:/ /<mysite>/setup to start install
  • I found a couple of missing dependencies (mcrypt and gd)
    • install with apt-get install php5-mcrypt php5-gd
    • enable with php5enmod mycrypt and php5enmod gd
    • restart apache
    • refresh setup page.
    • NOTE: mcrypt now works, but gd (which was optional) didn't … FIXME!
    • moving on
  • setup fields for db and other now display.
  • filled in all fields and [Process Setup]
  • setup completed
  • complete after install steps (from new web folder)
    • sudo chmod 755 admin/sd-system/
    • sudo chmod 755 admin/cp-cron/
    • added /etc/crontab entries per screen instructions
  • RENAME OR DELETE setup folder so other's can't find it!!! You will not be able to access the admin screen until this is completed.

Control Panel:

  • Login Page is presented. (If you are not using the latest version (v115), you may have the check the box to remember you even if you are using the correct password.


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